Our Mission:

To reduce vision loss by assisting optometrists with educating Canadians and encouraging them to receive frequent examinations.

According to the CNIB:

Few people realize that 75 per cent of vision loss can be treated or prevented. But without the vision health information they need, hundreds of thousands of Canadians unknowingly live with eye disease and may needlessly lose their vision.

By visiting an eye care professional regularly, we increase our chances of getting a diagnosis if we have an eye disease. The earlier the diagnosis, the greater the opportunity to minimize vision loss.

Why it Matters

With excellent doctors and subsidized care, there are few reasons for Canadians not to have routine eye examinations which may detect early-stage disease.

However, optometrists are trained in medicine, not marketing. That’s why our mission is to assist optometrists by providing the marketing services needed to effectively reach Canadians. Our mission becomes more urgent as our population ages significantly in coming decades.

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