Visibility Plans

Automatically Improve Your Visibility and Get More Patients

We combine the most cost-effective methods of engaging your community into cute little packages. Now you can have all this goodness with the push of a button 🙂

How We Help You

Think of us like a friendly part-time member of your staff. We engage your community online using Facebook and other methods. We create and post customized optometry graphics, videos, and text content.

All this activity grows your followers and brings you more patients. Here’s more of what we can do for you:

Premium listing in all 5 Canadian Optometrist Finder directories.
Be seen by thousands of people searching for local optometrists in Canada’s largest optometrist directory.

Regional exclusivity.
Services will not be offered to other optometrists within a 5 km radius of your office, creating a 79 square km exclusive zone which entirely covers most cities.

Online profile creation and monitoring.
Avoid losing or upsetting patients because of missing or inaccurate information. We create the crucial profiles you’re missing, keep them updated, and monitor for activity.

Facebook page marketing.
Grow page likes, get relevant content posted, advertise promotions, and engage with your growing community. Frequent monitoring, engagement, and posting of creative new content helps attract and retain patients.

Twitter marketing.
Get creative, frequent content posted to your account, and engage directly with clients and local community influencers. Account creation and customization included.

Instagram marketing.
Grow followers and be seen by a younger demographic. This highly visual medium is ideal for the graphic content we product for you

Reputation Management.
Hear about new comments, reviews, and ratings on your practice in a monthly report, and get management assistance.

Content Marketing.
Get an original article published every month to attract more local traffic. Regular quality content is a proven way to invest in growth while educating your community.

Video marketing.
Get unique videos created for your practice, published on YouTube, social media, and premium directories to rank higher. One new video every three month will increase your search ranking and enhance your brand.

Friendly help.
A team of social media experts are on-call to answer your questions about online marketing. We’d love to chat with you!

Start Now In 3 Simple Steps

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Click “Apply” below to see if your region is available. You’ll promptly receive a response by email.

2. Tell us about yourself

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3. Get monthly reports

You’ll begin getting help immediately, and you’ll get a progress report by email every month.

Essential VisibilityThe simplest way to boost local visibility and increase new patients
Premium listing in all 5 Canadian Optometrist Finder directories
Excellent VisibilityThe things you know you should be doing, but don’t have time for. Easily invest in growth, and be highly visible in your community.
Premium listing in all 5 Canadian Optometrist Finder directories
Regional exclusivity
Online profile creation and monitoring
Facebook page marketing
Branded premium graphics
Video marketing - new video every month
Extreme VisibilityWe do everything possible to get you maximum exposure, gain and retain patients, and build a lasting and valuable online presence.
Premium listing in all 5 Canadian Optometrist Finder directories
Regional exclusivity
Online profile creation and monitoring
Facebook page marketing
Branded premium graphics
Video marketing - new video every month
Twitter marketing
Article marketing - original article every month
Reputation monitoring

Free gift!

Receive $150 of RETINA* Advertising Service in your 4th month of service**. We run and manage paid online ads designed to get you more patients.
* RETINA: Really Effective opTometry InterNet Advertising. Yeah we really had to stretch for that one.
** Excellent and Extreme packages only.

Payment details:

No setup fees, no subscription contracts, and no commitment to continue service. Invoices are issued monthly. Monthly recurring credit card payments are welcomed.

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To provide the most effective service, we’re committed to not accepting new clients within 5 km of any current client. Before considering our service, please check if your region is still available:

Compare the Value

Other Canadian companies charge $1000 to $1400 for what we provide in our mid-level package. We encourage you to search for yourself, or contact us and we’ll send you our current list alternate companies to consider.

The Visible Optometry Difference

Many Canadian optometrists receive frequent offers for website and social media services. Here’s how we’re different:

  • Fully Canadian owned and operated. Only Canadians “get” Canadians!
  • We only promote optometry practices. That creates efficiencies which benefit you: more service for the price
  • No minimum periods, set up fees, contracts, or obligations
  • HIPPA/PHIPA compliant service: Visible Optometry does not collect, use, or disclose personal health information of any Canadian or American citizen. It is not a Custodian or Agent of personal health information
  • We’re aware of and abide by advertising regulations (both federal and professional)
  • Being professional and effective isn’t good enough. We’re fun, too 🙂
  • 8 years of experience serving Canadian Optometrists
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • We’re dedicated to our core mission: To reduce vision loss by assisting optometrists with educating Canadians and encouraging them to receive frequent examinations.

Not sure what to do?

Don’t know if you need an existing website or social media accounts to start? Not sure how social media marketing works, or if it will actually benefit you?

We’re here to help. In fact, we just get pretty excited just talking about this stuff, so please contact us and we’ll share what we know.

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